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Ratiotec Rapidcount T 225/T275 geldtelmachine en valsgelddetectie

Ratiotec Rapidcount T 225/T275 geldtelmachine en valsgelddetectie
Merk: Ratiotec
Model: 46404/46410
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

Gewicht: 7.00 kg
Prijs: €785,29
Excl. BTW: €649,00

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The rapidcount T Series processes medium to large quantities of banknotes quickly and with high security. Through the powerful banknote feeder, not only can 300 banknotes be loaded at a time, but they can also be added during operation. At up to 1,200 banknotes/minute (T 275b), the total daily receipts are counted within seconds. Depending on the model, perform a simultaneous comprehensive counterfeit detection.


While the T 225 recognizes the authenticity of the counted banknotes based on their UV features, the T 275/T 275b additionally checks the IR and MG features. For even higher counterfeit detection security the T 275 and T 275b check the magnetic codes. The magnetic code is the most foolproof feature of the euro banknotes. If it is missing, be sure that the T 275 and T 275b will find them. This combined testing provides you with secure protection from counterfeit money and an investment with added value.


The T 225, T 275 and T 275b save users additional valuable time, since they accurately count and check unsorted notes. Time-consuming pre-sorting of earnings becomes a thing of the past; simply equip the banknote feeder with the bundles from the checkout. The complete detailed payroll result is displayed at the push of a button upon successful counting.


Thanks to its up to 20% faster counting speed and maximum annual run of 1.2 million counted banknotes, the T 275b is the premium model of the rapidcount T Series. Its professional features make it ideal for usage in banks.


All models of the rapidcount T Series additionally feature a practical start/stop function, as well as a bundling and addition function for simplified and smoother counting processes. The compact housing with dimensions of only 26 x 28 x 26 cm allows the device to be utlilised in cramped conditions and also easily transported and flexibly used within companies and retail shops.


Detailed information and specifications are to be found in the brochure.


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