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Epson TM-L90

Epson TM-L90
Merk: Epson
Model: C31C412651A0
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

Gewicht: 2.00 kg
Prijs: €506,99
Excl. BTW: €419,00

Beschikbare opties:

* Interface:

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The TM-L90 prints thermal labels with a resolution of 8 dots/mm 203 dpi at 150 mm per second. Additionally, the TM-L90 (as the TM-T90) is also able to print in two colours on special paper. Important elements or notes on the labels are thereby specially highlighted. Thanks to the integrated auto cutter, continuous labels can be used in the TM-L90 as well. Of course the printer also produces monochrome labels on standard thermal paper. The TM-L90 also features simple paper handling (»drop-in«), as well as a connection for two cash drawers. You can install the thermal printer horizontally, vertically, or in a suspended position, thereby saving space.


Optionally, the TM-L90 is available with an integrated peeler function: a special mechanism automaticaly detaches the label from the carrier material after the printing process.


There is only the colour white.


Detailed information and specifications are to be found in  the brochure.

Interface Seriëel(RS232) OF parallel OF USB OF powered-USB OF ethernet OF WLAN
Print snelheid 150 mm/sec
Printmethode Direct thermal


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