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Metapace S-3

Metapace S-3
Merk: Metapace
Model: META-S3
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

Gewicht: 0.15 kg
Prijs: €192,39
Excl. BTW: €159,00
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What a price breaker: the Metapace S-3 radio transmission scanner-imager is the perfect market-entry scanner. Its integrated CCD engine quickly and reliably performs up to 270 scans per second of standard 1D barcodes. The integrated radio transmission technology gives it a generous range of motion with a radius up to 15 m. Beyond this range the scanner saves your barcodes automatically and transfers them at the push of a button once you are back within range. The scanner signals are transmitted directly to a USB dongle. Simply insert the USB dongle and start scanning!


Its powerful battery easily lasts an entire shift: perform up to 70,000 scans with one charge. This increases productivity at the workplace, plus saves the user from the annoying task of battery changes during work hours. Charge the battery with the included cable. A particularly practical feature is the triple feedback for loud or poorly lit working environments: the Metpace S-3 confirms successful scans with vibration, plus acoustical and optical feedback.


There is only a USB version in the colour black.


More information and specifications are to be found in the brochure.


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