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Metapace S-2

Metapace S-2
Merk: Metapace
Model: META-s2s
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

Gewicht: 0.18 kg
Prijs: €337,59
Excl. BTW: €279,00
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Highly flexible and first-class scanning at an astonishing price-performance ratio are the hallmarks of the S-2: the latest member of the Metapace family, produced by a brand manufacturer, is the result of many years of experience in professional data collection and delivers top-grade performance for all applications in retail, office, warehouses and light industry. At a price for which you usually only get wired scanners of average performance, we offer a professional Bluetooth scanner that is unparalleled in terms of quality and first-class features: the Metapace S-2. With its powerful scan engine, the linear imager is ideally suited for high-speed data processing of 1D and GS1 codes.

The decisive advantage of the S-2 is the Bluetooth scanner's enormous operating range, which attracts even the most demanding customers. Thanks to Bluetooth class 2 and its optimum synchronisation with the cradle (included in delivery), scanned information is transferred to the host at a distance of up to 90 m. If the user stays outside of the radio range for an extended period of time, the scanner memory is able to store up to 32,000 codes.

Unpack and get started – of course the S-2 also follows this philosophy. The all-in-one package contains the USB interface cable, power supply unit, a CD with all drivers and extensive documentation, and, of course, the cradle. The sturdy and stylish charging and transmitter station has been optimised to exploit the full potential of its huge 90 metre operating range.

Placing the handheld device into the cradle, it becomes a presentation scanner that can be configured for auto-sense or continuous scanning mode using a single code. Used as a presentation scanner, the S-2 can be flexibly adjusted to meet current demands: at the checkout counter, goods are simply passed in front of the device and thus quickly scanned. The sophisticated concept allows connection of up to seven Bluetooth devices with just one cradle.

However, not only the main characteristics – scanning and communication – offer useful features, detailed attention has also been given to devising the handling and design. Altogether, the S-2 is unparalleled in terms of ergonomics and hardware. Although the attractive housing is filled with innovative technology, its weight is kept to only 173 grams. Its handling is optimised for changing personnel and will impress any user with its lasting working comfort. The choice of materials for the S-2 is not solely influenced by design requirements, but much more its resistant components guarantee continuous operation in harsh environments.

In order to ensure long-term and uninterrupted operation, the imager's power management has been adjusted to meet the requirements of both the powerful engine and the Bluetooth interface – an aspect often neglected in Bluetooth scanners. Through this intelligent feature, users can work up to ten hours without cumbersome interruptions, even with a high workload.


There is only a USB version in the colour black.


Detailed information and specifications are to be found in the brochure.


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