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Honeywell Fusion 3780

Honeywell Fusion 3780
Merk: Honeywell / Metrologic
Model: MK3780-61A38
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

Gewicht: 0.20 kg
Prijs: €377,41
Excl. BTW: €311,91

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Compared to other hand-held laser scanners, the Fusion 3780 offers you unrivalled performance. The compact scan head is equipped with a highly aggressive, omni-directional laser optics that scans and decodes bar codes at 1,333 scans per second at any angle. This makes it the ideal solution for all demanding applications at cash desks, warehouses, workshops, or medical applications, etc.

The advantages of omni-directional scan optics are that a complete scan raster is projected onto the bar code instead of a single scan line. This makes it possible to scan the bar code in any direction. The user does not have to align the angle of the scanner with the bar code anymore. Simply direct the scan head to the label and the bar code is already scanned. Its 1,333 scans per second make this scanner particularly fast. This gives the scanner a significant increase in speed and better performance with badly printed or dirty bar codes. Additionally, you can activate the single-line mode if required. The scanning range of up to 28 cm increases ergonomics, since bar codes are already scanned from a larger distance.

In addition to the high performance, the Fusion 3780 is also a very sturdy model. Even repeated drops from 1.5 m height onto concrete do not have any effect. It features a rubber-housing that can be put into the provided scanner stand at any time. Like this, the hand-held scanner becomes a presentation scanner for accessing goods for free-handed scanning in just the wink of an eye. The scanner automatically recognises when it is placed into the stand and activates the bar code sensor mode instantly. In such a case, the scanner is automatically activated whenever a bar code comes into scanning range. The adjustable base can be inclined to an angle of 50° with three possible locking positions. This creates maximum flexibility for comfortable scanning positions and optimum scanning results. You can place the scanner on a table, or mount it on a wall to save space – the metal plate in its base will always provide enough stability.

As the working temperature of the Fusion 3780 is between -20° and +40°C, it can be used in refrigerated and heated rooms with no problems. Like all other Honeywell scanners, it uses the MetroSet2 Software and a serial cable for programming it to exactly meet your customer's needs. Of course, you also can use the convenient programmable bar codes included in the user's manual. The Fusion 3780 is available with different interfaces like all Honeywell scanners.


Detailed information and specifications are to be found in the brochure.


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